Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 19th National Day of Action on Climate Change

On Friday, June 19th, 1Sky and groups like MoveOn, Green for All, Oxfam and others are calling for a national day of action to make the climate bill stronger. It's a day for you to "get visible" in your community. Please invite your family, friends and neighbors to rally at your representative's district office and make your voice heard loud and clear.

Sign up now for this national day of action:

Your voice lets your representative know that there are concerned citizens -- like you -- who want a stronger bill to create millions of clean energy jobs and begin to tackle climate change. So now it's time to get louder!

They are trying to improve this bill in three key ways:
  • Ensure More Clean Energy for America: By increasing the renewable energy and energy efficiency standards.
  • Hold Polluters Accountable: By restoring authority to the EPA to mandate cleaner technology for power plants.
  • Create More Clean Energy Jobs for America: Limit giveaways to polluting industries, like Big Oil and Dirty Coal, and instead bolster green job development and protection of vulnerable communities.
Why June 19th? Right now, several committees are working on this bill, and we expect a House floor vote by the end of June. This is the critical moment we've been working for in the House, so it's time to make ourselves visible!

Join with communities and voices all across America this Friday and push for a stronger climate bill. As we get closer to a House vote, tell your friends and neighbors to get louder -- sign up to plan your event this Friday, June 19th --

After you sign up, be sure to download our event resource guide at

Join the National Day of Action for Climate Change on June 19!