Monday, January 04, 2010

Taking Center Stage

From MAU’s Director, Joellen Raderstorf:

I was told recently by a friend that the reason emotions run so high at this time of year is that there’s physical and emotional clearing in preparation for the NEW year. And we always thought it was our families … So what do we do with all this emotion?

We voice our discontent and then we take action. Join me now in a silent scream for many of the current news stories and the harsh conditions half of the world’s children endure. Okay, scream over, feeling lighter, we now take center stage.

Mothers, it may sound crazy, but it’s time for us to rule the world, (sharing the stage with others of course!) As our human family evolves, the potential to create a more sane and just world has never been stronger. Time to set modesty aside and recognize who we are as mothers: creative problem solvers, tenacious negotiators and passionately committed activists (whether we recognize it or not.)

Mothers shared the stage when 100,000 people from all over the world gathered in the streets in Copenhagen to talk about the future of our children’s planet. Mothers joined millions tweeting climate news out to the world. Mothers embraced a global shift by buying fair trade gifts and sponsoring Kiva micro-loans for teenagers and grandparents alike this year.

We spend the money, we raise future generations, we connect the dots and we talk about it. According to a study by the Keller Fay Group, moms-to-be and those with children under five have an average of 109 discussions per week. We have the power to rule the world in our conversations alone. Do the math: 100 mothers can spread the word to 10,900 in one week. If each of those mothers spread the word, 1,188,100 million people will join the conversation and by round three we reach 129 million people.

MAU invites you to take advantage of the amped-up information highways and:

  • Make caring for the world’s children a universal conversation.
  • Incorporate action on behalf of the world’s children into our daily lives in 2010 and beyond.
  • Recognize that our activism serves the world, no need to hide or apologize for this passion.
  • Invite diverse voices into this conversation; everyone needs to be heard.
  • Use social media to reach more mothers.
  • Support the MAU movement with a small monthly donation.

It’s time to step into our power. Our children and their peers around the world are calling for leadership, watching the world stage … Ahem: do you have stage fright? No worries; we’ll act together, every step of the way.