Friday, January 19, 2007


The MAU Mamas introduce to you: MAU UK!!

You can reach our MAU UK representative here to get involved with international communities, actions and Mother's Day reclaimations.

And you can join all of us with MAU UK in space right here.

We look forward to seeing you around, and to joyfully acting up globally.

MAU in space.

If you haven't checked us out and joined us here, come on OVER!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Featuring: Linda Armstrong, MAU Maven!!

A MAU calendar is on its way to President Bush! Unusual, yes! Why did I, a democrat and an absolute liberal, send Bush a Christmas gift? Well, I can easily go “negative” with today’s politics and the world situation, who can’t? I wanted to send some positive energy to our leaders. Maybe an impressionable support person will find it and reconsider their support of a child-unfriendly policy. Perhaps the bright colors will entice an aide to leaf through the pages and think, “This year, I can help stop AIDS in Africa!” Hey…I can dream, can’t I?

PS: I sent a MAU calendar to Bush last year, and received a lovely engraved thank you note. Now that’s acting up!!

Linda Armstrong, MAU Maven

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