Monday, November 06, 2006

We call for just and accurate representation!

As family and community leaders, with our partners, neighbors and tribes, we have a big job ahead of us with election day coming tomorrow.

No matter which way you look at it, we have a lot to invest in, and foremost we must create the language to speak of our Mother Agenda 'til it becomes Mother Tongue easy.

What does that mean in the practical sense? Read up on the candidates in your area. Check out the scorecards for how folks vote, and let your values speak as you pull the lever. And once the votes are tallied, consider writing letters of congratulations AND accountability to your representatives to let them know that healthcare, peace and an end to poverty are critical to our childrens' wellbeing. In 2008, these issues must be at the very top of the Mother Agenda, in which we will all be conversant. You betcha.

As to tomorrow, it is said that one of the principle keys to the elections this year and tipping the balance of what values play themselves out is married moms. That's a lot of us. Nancy over at Muckraking Mom points to this Steve & Cokie Roberts article.

If you didn't participate in early voting and think it might be difficult to get to the polls with your wee ones in tow, consider following the lead of Charleston, South Carolina MAUs who will have two homes open for childcare so that mamas share the load, build the tribe and act on their civil and domestic responsibilities with care and mindfulness. Brilliant, gals.

If any of you readers come up with other practical or clever ways to impact our voice, holler.


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