Wednesday, January 31, 2007

MAU Maven: Anne Ross Lyon.

I’ve been writing my members of Congress and telling them,
We, whose children are inheriting a world of pre-fashioned enemies, huge debt and un-kept promises to the world's children and mothers, have the opportunity to change that . . . MAU is not an organization with corporate structure, this is a movement – to make children central to the discussion of policy and politics and global concerns.”
I want to emphasize that the Mothers Acting Up movement expects a strong commitment to our children’s future from our elected officials. I tell them that I– with other mothers in America and around the world – am eager to work with our elected leaders to prioritize the lives of the world's children - our future leaders. P.s. I close my letters with a reminder that our children will be the ones picking good assisted care for us all one day!

--Anne H Ross Lyon, MAU Maven

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Ann D said...

Brilliantly said.

It's amazing how the generational issues converge. In Canada, both eldercare issues and children's issues are at the forefront right now. Seniors in long-term care facilities in my province are trying to get by on $5.46 Canadian/day as their meal allowance (that's about $5/US). And the Federal government eliminated the previous government's massive commitment to a national childcare program in favor of a $100/month payment to families (undoing about two decades worth of lobbying and hard work on behalf of all those who care about children). On top of that, funding to women's programs has been cut back (and funding to those involved in research/lobbying has been virtually eliminated). See for summaries/updates on these issues. (You can go to my parenting blog, too, but my other blog is more focused on what is (or isn't) happening on the social justice front in Canada.)