Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Open letter and invitation to the 2007 Mama Party.

Calling all Joy Warriors!!

Mothers Acting Up enters the year 2007 ready to throw out the wide (hair)net, turn up the pink collars and tie the apron strings on tighter. If you're more a stilleto and power suit gal, or a designer diva, you're STILL welcome to the party; it takes ALL kinds for this magnificent revolution of mothers and others.

We're mobilizing the mamas this year around three major campaigns: 1) (the true cost of) war, 2) the environment, and 3) and the MDGs. We are working in coalition with groups and mamas like YOU to create vibrant kitchen table councils & communities in every state of the Union by year's end. Come on, come on.... And invite your friends, sisters, hip mamas, stitch & bitch buddies, bandmates, book group members, and prayer circles.

We're gathering on the internet en masse, to find our tribes up close and in person. Sign up on our website to be alerted to monthly actions, hook up with your local MAU communities, and gain access to a whole slew of simple recipes for ACTING UP. Join us on myspace! Comment here. And by all means, holler at us with questions, comments or proclamations of how you want to reclaim Mother's Day as a MAU in 2007, or create other community actions. We'd be thrilled and delighted to hear from you.

Mothers Acting Up is a mother-led, mother-fed movement of mothers and others advocating publicly and passionately for the world's children.

In spirited partnership,
Paige, for The MAU Mavens
Joellen, Juliana, Beth, Tina, Anjali and cohorts

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