Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Meet MAU Maven Frances Higgins.

It was one of the best days my life. As Americans we have the right to express ourselves. It was so powerful to go with friends and children to the source, and speak our minds and be heard. For the first time I was doing something as an American that made sense. That took advantage of our right to politically express ourselves. It really wasn’t so hard; we had an agenda and posters and roles and if you got nervous, there was an entire group there supporting you. I felt like it was a truly meaningful day; when are we doing it again?
Frances Higgins, MAU Field Trip participant to CO Senators & Representative Udall. Mothers of Mothers Acting Up, along with members of the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center and one devoted dad, filled a school bus with mothers, grandmothers and children of all ages. Amidst great chatter, earnest discussion and gales of laughter, the group split to go to the Denver offices of Senator Ken Salazar, Senator Wayne Allard and everyone visited Representative Mark Udall. At each office the exuberant group met with aides and presented material and asked questions about a 5-point agenda to “Invest in the global family, ensuring a secure future.”

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