Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Meet MAU Maven Nicole Warne-McGraw!!

I am blessed to have a mother who cares – cares not only for me, my 4 siblings, our spouses and our children – but a mother who cares for the children of the world. She, particularly, cares passionately for women through pregnancy, labor and birthing and for babies and their families in those priceless early years. She taught me -- through watching her do it over and over again -- the difference a thoughtful letter or call to a government official can make. She taught me -- through conversations on local, national, and world events -- to pay attention, care deeply, and create the world in which I want my children and grandchildren to live.

And now I am giving my daughters the same gift of a loving mother whose love is huge enough to encompass the world's children. I hope they learn through joining me at rallies, sitting on my lap as I write my Senator, playing on the floor as I make calls to encourage voter turn-out, and through our discussions of our dreams for how the world can be when we join together to make a difference. And I look forward to many more generations of a family caring for the world's family. I can hardly wait to see the world they will create!

--Nicole Warne-McGraw, many generational Activist & MAU Maven

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