Monday, March 12, 2007

Meet MAU and Giving Circle Maven: Ericka Carter.

Last year a couple of my friends and I started a Giving Circle with other women in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. We have met every other month since then to give to a local charity or cause. The Mothers Acting Up calendars have provided a wealth of information for our Giving Circle activities. We have been so awestruck by the work that so many women have accomplished all over the world to end poverty and suffering for women and children. The calendars are treasured! We keep them in our files to provide new ideas for future Giving Circles and as a great source of inspiration. Last January we gave money to a local organization that provides books to low income children in the Los Angeles area. Children receive books from six months to five years of age at their annual check-up; this idea was inspired by flipping through the pages of last year’s MAU calendar.
--Ericka Carter, MAU and Giving Circle Maven

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