Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Of noses, bums, and tall trees.

As women and mothers, we're the largest consumers for our households and families. Where we put the money speaks volumes about what we value. Which is why, when I look around my own home at the tail end of colds, pollen takeover, ear and upper respiratory infections, I see just how much tissue we've been using.

Adhering to the MAU principle of following the money and affirming with support, I look for ways to throw my monetary and ethical weight behind the Mother Agenda, looking away from Kleenex and toward products that are kind on my wallet, my baby's nose, and ancient forests.

For forest friendly tissue products, when cloth just won't do, I'll be printing this list for handy fridge reference where it can nestle up to my running grocery and household list. I encourage you mamas to do same.

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