Saturday, October 06, 2007

Celebrating Mothers.

A PROJECT OF MOTHERS ACTING UP, Celebrating Mothers: Global Portraits to Inform and Inspire will showcase 20 mothers of young children around the world who are involved in social advocacy and are initiating positive change in their communities. Please see our website and send us your stories of exemplary mothers who are making a difference. Submission deadline for nominations is October 12, 2007. Contact:

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Tyler said...

Population Action International released a new report at Women Deliver: "A Measure of Survival: Calculating Women's Sexual and Reproductive Risk".

This report is unique because it recognizes that there are many factors that contribute to a woman's sexual and reproductive health. A Measure of Survival puts all the pieces of the puzzle together to form a complete picture. The report ranks 130 developing and developed countries according to sexual and reproductive risks, and provides steps to improve the lives of women, particularly in regards to their reproductive health, in all countries.

Check it out at

Tyler LePard