Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Gubmint: how ordinary mamas and other mortals can make a difference.

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We realize that we live in a world that does not prioritize or protect our children's well-being and that this will not change without each of us finding the courage and commitment to speak out on their behalf . . .

Our local, state/regional and federal lawmakers spend our tax dollars and represent our concerns; isn’t that handy? The crucial ingredient in making this relationship work is to ensure our elected leaders HEAR our concerns. MAU focuses on building relationship with federal leaders (a.k.a. Members of Congress or MOCs). In the US, we each have a representative in the House of Representative (435 total) and two senators (100 total) in the Senate. They work for us. So whistle the old song, “Getting to know you” and begin to create a relationship with your elected leaders. You may need to throw your weight around a bit, build up your Mama Grizzly strength – a couple of practice growls a day.

As with all important, long-term relationships, working with decision makers entails respect and a series of contacts:

  1. Introduce yourself: send a handwritten card or letter (evidence of a REAL person who has the wherewithal to find stamps) beginning with who you are and your personal reason for writing; followed by a direct request; and concluding with, “Thank you for your leadership. I request the honor of a reply.” Remember to declare you are part of a global movement of mothers (makes everyone sit up straighter.) IMPORTANT: If you write as part of an online email campaign, ALWAYS add something personal to the beginning of the auto-letter; “As a mother acting up, I request…” or “As a mother of our future leaders.” Faxing is good. A faxed handwritten letter is great.
  2. Call and reintroduce yourself as a MAU. Repeat your request and/or new concerns. Call early and often; deluge can be a good word. Gratitude to those who serve is an important ingredient.
  3. Plan to stop by. MAU has a recipe for Field Trips to our MOCs. Use it to plan out your visit. The start of summer vacation is a great time to bring a school bus of children from the neighborhood.

“We just visited the office for one of the 100 top leaders in our country,” shared a MAU with her children after a Field Trip to the MOCs.

Contact information for US citizens (all global citizens might want to make contact, given the global impact of the US Government):

The White House (202) 456-1414 – Ask for the comment line and leave short messages with the White House Operators (some of the nicest humans on earth.)

Capitol Switchboard (to call your US legislators): (202) 224-3121 or visit their Websites: US, US Congress

Check out the Office of Management and Budget ( to read the US budget, and Department of Defense Contracts page (http:/ for keeping abreast of what your tax dollars are funding. Be sure to be sitting down.

Children’s wellbeing is at the top of every mother’s agenda. It’s time to bring it to the top of our political agendas. Make it so mamas.

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