Thursday, March 20, 2008

MAU swag box available to Mother's Day event organizers / communities!!

In previous years, we’ve sent all free, but at this time, we are compelled to charge a nominal purchase fee for MAU swag.

Swag boxes (movie, 15 calendars, 100 bumper stickers) $40!!

We WILL send a DVD of the MAU movie free to each organizer, even if you choose not to purchase the swag box. Sending postage to MAU Central would be lovely.

These items are a great addition and support for any Mother’s Day event. Here in Nashville, we’ve passed out bumperstickers on our parade route, and had these lovely items available to all who add themselves to MAU’s mailing list. Additionally, we offered Nashville MAU tee shirts for a donation amount, which enabled us to make the money for our Metro permit and additional expenses. I’ll post details to the RMD list serv only.

IF YOU WANT A SWAG BOX, please email with PLEASE SEND SWAG BOX in the subject line.

If you are not yet on the mailing list and are organizing an event, please join. This will be *the* place for support and discussion of MD events.

Thank you so much!!

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