Thursday, May 08, 2008

Empowered mothers change the world

MAU co-founder and program director Beth Osnes was in Toronto last week to perform (M)other for the Mother Outlaws' ARM (Association for Research on Mothering) conference. The below article, from the Times & Transcript details the conference and talks about MAU's role in feminism and in mothering.

Empowered mothers change the world

Published Thursday May 8th, 2008

Motherhood should not impoverish you. Mothers are people too. Children are the responsibility of both parents. Every child a wanted child. Motherwork is work.

Much of the women's movement has been about those issues, about motherwork.

Mothers remain the main movers behind the movement. A fight for mothers to be valued, for a world where parenting was shared between the sexes and supported by the community.

Giving women more options -- at the core of the movement -- has meant changing attitudes and sometimes laws so that women could have children as well as a job, or not have children, or not be penalized for choosing to take care of children.(.... more here)

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