Tuesday, May 06, 2008

MAU Central's Anjali guest blogs at 1Sky....

Only 4 days left until Mother's Day weekend! Today's guest blog is from Anjali Kochar of Mothers Acting Up, a mother of two with some inspiring thoughts on our responsibility to our children this Mother's Day. Click here to start or join a 1Sky's Mother's Day gathering near you if you haven't yet!

I was in the backyard with the girls this weekend when my one and a half year old saw a butterfly flutter by. Her eyes grew big and round, her little mouth formed the word "Oh" and she darted after it. The wonder in her eyes, the excitement in her voice were priceless. The littlest things that Mother Earth has put before us can create such joy in the smallest among us!

As I sat watching her trying to catch the butterfly, I thought about my older daughter, who's 6 and a half and how we've been teaching her about preserving and respecting the environment(... more here)

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